Environmental & Social Management Plan (ESMP) for Fua'amotu International Airport. This ESMP is currently in draft form and under review. It has been updated to reflect the inclusion of a proposed Air Traffic Control Tower for Fua'amotu International Airport. 

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1. Environmental & Social Management Plan - Fua'amotu International Airport, Final Draft, 3 Dec 2015


2.1 Fua'amotu International Airport, Tongatapu

  1. Tongatapu EMP Report 
  2. Tongatapu EMP Appendix A Part1 
  3. Tongatapu EMP Appendix A Part2 
  4. Tongatapu EMP Appendix B,C,D,E - Part3
  5. A40 TBU ATC ESMP REPORT Version 8 170830 sub WB Aug 2017 NEW! 
  6. CESMP_ATCT_V4final April 2018 NEW!

2.2 Lupepau'u Airport, Vava'u

  1. Vava'u EMP Report 
  2. Vava'u EMP Appendix A Part1 
  3. Vava'u EMP Appendix A Part2 
  4. Vava'u EMP Appendix B,C,D,E 

 Environmental & Social Management Framework - PAIP ESMF

 Project information booklet in Tongan and English version.