Tonga Airports Limited is currently implementing the Tonga Aviation Investment Project (TAIP), supported by the World Bank.

TAIP is an integral part of the Pacific Aviation Investment Program (PAIP), a regional aviation program which has the development objective to provide safe and secure air transport operations and environmentally sustainable and efficient airports.

PAIP has commenced implementation of key aviation investments in six Pacific Island countries: Kiribati, Tonga, Samoa, Tuvalu, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands.

As the implementing agency for PAIP, Tonga Airports Limited also plays a vital technical and fiduciary support role for the program participants. Working closely with all stakeholders and development partners to achieve program objectives in Tonga and across the region.

TAIP is being implemented in recognition of the key place of transport in the economic and social development of Tonga and the need to strengthen the efficiency and viability of this sector. Reviews of the transport sector in Tonga point to the need to mainstream disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation into infrastructure planning and management. Addressing climate change by providing carbon-neutral airport facilities are  part of this investment program, as are investments in alternative and sustainable and energy efficient technologies. This will help ensure that Tonga's airports are operated in an environmentally sustainable manner.

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